• Your Experts in Factory Automation

    IPTE Factory Automation is a worldwide supplier of automation solutions for the electronical and mechanical manufacturing industry.
    With more than 25 years of experience, IPTE Factory Automation has proven itself to be a reliable high quality supplier for test-, laser marking-, depaneling-, odd-form placement-, conveying-, selective wire soldering-, laser plastic welding and turnkey assembly solutions.

  • Your Experts in Depaneling Systems

    IPTE  delivers a wide range of depaneling equipment to separate your PCB's stress-free with a high precision.
    IPTE's depaneling systems offer a unique combination of cutting tools, material handling and tooling to cut high technology panelized PCB assemblies. They can be seamlessly integrated inline or used as stand-alone configuration on your demand.

  • Your Experts in Test Systems

    Automation is the key for an efficient and reliable production process. IPTE offers a whole range of Test Handlers and fixtures for any possible applications for ICT, Functional Test, Flashing and Final Test.
    The solutions range from economical to high speed handlers and are geared towards all possible investment levels.

  • Your Experts in Assembly Solutions

    Although assembly operations are complicated, IPTE offers a solution that is simple, economical and efficient. IPTE has the technology and experience in-house to solve assembly projects in different application areas.
    These can be in-line processes with pallets carrying the products, or off-line processes with rotary tables or individual work stations. Fully automated lines offering lean solutions are part of the portfolio.

Markets & Branches:

Our engineering presence on the 3 main continents enables us to support our clients on a local basis: