IPTE Belgium raises 1000 euros for De Warmste Week

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IPTE embraced the holiday spirit with impactful initiatives during De Warmste Week, raising a heartening 1000 euros for charity. From a comforting soup kitchen and sizzling hotdog stand to steaming cups of hot chocolate milk and a delightful breakfast, each action brought employees together, fostering a sense of community and generosity.

De Warmste Week is an annual fundraising event in Belgium. IPTE proudly contributed to the 287 projects supported by De Warmste Week this year. These projects create safer spaces for children and young people, whether at home, in school, during leisure activities, or online. The initiatives aim to ensure that every child deserves to grow up without worries.

As a company, we take immense pride in the initiative and dedication shown by our employees who organized and actively participated n these heartwarming actions. It's through their commitment that IPTE can play a meaningful role in supporting the projects of De Warmste Week.