Tailor-made solutions



An extensive portfolio of internally developed IPTE test applications as well as typical measuring and testing devices available on the market are used in the test systems from IPTE - depending on the task at hand. Cooperations with well-known manufacturers of measuring devices enable tailor-made solutions for almost every conceivable test task.

Our customers appreciate the implementation of the complete test solution from a single source.


Besides the typical electrical measurements like voltage, current and power IPTE is also able to realize necessary physical measurements categories which includes parameters like length and thickness. Additional to the Test-Systems, IPTE is also the supplier for customized DUT into the test cell. The ceramic substrate handling is one of the high lights in the IPTE Testhandler family.




  • Automatic Handling and Measurement
  • Measurement of thickness
  • Polarizing and Polarity Marking
  • Measurement of length and expansion
  • Measurement of Capacity
  • Classification and Sorting (Performance and Failure classes)