Over 30 years universal and customized high-tech automation solutions

Back in the year 1992 five engineers founded a business for test automation (ITE) in Belgium and laid the foundations for what later became IPTE: Integrated Production and Test Engineering.

What began on a small business scale has grown into a global player in the meantime.Today IPTE has around 925 employees world-wide. The portfolio and services has continually and fundamentally grown, both on its own strength and through appropriate acquisitions.

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  • 2020

    IPTE wins major order for 48-volt battery. Series production of the first complete line will begin in summer 2021.

  • 2019

    IPTE Factory Automation takes over 100% of the shares of Connect Group

  • 2018

    Over 800 employees worldwide

  • 2017

    Celebrating 25 years IPTE

    IPTE Mexico moves to a new and larger facility in Guadalajara

  • 2016

    Started Internal Software Engineering Group in Sibiu, Romania

  • 2015

    Delivery of the 500th depaneling machine
    (including 300 inline router)

  • 2013

    Assembly line for high-performance batteries
    First laser plastic welding project
    Introduction of clean room equipment

  • 2011

    IPTE FA Romania founded
    Opening of IPTE Service Center in Brazil
    Move of IPTE Platzgummer from Karlsfeld to Dachau


  • 2010

    IPTE Factory Automation becomes a private company. 
    The business unit electronics manufacturing services continues independent operations under the name Connect Group

  • 2008

    Acquisition of Platzgummer GmbH/Germany
    IPTE Tallinn, Estonia founded
    IPTE Mexico founded
    IPTE Spain founded

  • 2007

    Acquisition of board-assembly activities of Barco/Belgium

  • 2006

    Test-activity expansion with IPTE Bruges, Belgium

  • 2005

    Move of IPTE Germany GmbH to new facilities in the Heroldsberg/Nuremberg area

  • 2004

    IPTE Industrial Automation Shanghai/China founded
    IPTE Iberia Automacao Industrial, Portugal founded

  • 2003

    Acquisition Prodel & Antest

  • 2002

    IPTE China founded

  • 2001

    Acquisition of And Elec, France
    Acquisition of Autoveyor, Singapore

  • 2000

    IPTE as a uniform name for all parts of the company

  • 1999

    Acquisition of Connect Systems

  • 1998

    ITE takes over significant shares from PTS in F├╝rth, which had taken over the former Grundig production automation
    Acquisition of the business unit Philips Automation of Test (AoT)
    ITE Asia Pacific founded in Singapore
    ITE Nordic founded

  • 1997

    ITE USA, ITE Germany, ITE France founded

  • 1995

    Foundation ITE UK

  • 1992

    Company Formation
    ITE starts with 5 employees