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Innovative Testing

Originally founded as a test house, the IPTE Group today has in-depth knowledge in all areas of testing and test automation. Our internationally producing customer groups value our expertise in all areas of measurement and test technology as well as the often combined technologies such as software flash or optical test for their quality assurance.

In addition to all types of measurement of physical quantities, our know-how also includes applications in the field of haptics, functional testing and vision (2D and 3D).

  • ICT Application

    IPTE has grown know-how to meet this challenge. IPTE has a broad portfolio of test handlers as well as high-quality and highly integrated test adapters. The possibility of integrating various ICT testers enables solutions for almost any task. This makes IPTE a reliable ICT partner.

    In-circuit test applications in various degrees of automation - from manual fixtures to highly integrated implementation with e.g. the IPTE - MFT 19 inch multifunctional test handler. 

    All major ICT providers can be integrated:

    • Accelonix
    • Aeroflex
    • Checksum
    • Digitaltest
    • Dr. Eschke
    • elowerk
    • Keysight
    • Spea
    • Teradyne
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  • Functional Test

    IPTE offers its customers flexible solutions for functional testing of electronic, electrical and electromechanical components.
    Due to the broad know-how in various related processes, additional functionalities, such as the comparison of products or the integration of assembly processes can be implemented by IPTE from a single source.

    Testing expertise across various technologies enables IPTE to expand its testing capabilities to a wide variety of applications.

    Broad experience in various areas:

    • Measurement of almost all physical values
    • Interface test
    • Vision test
    • RE tests
    • Haptic test
    • Flashing
    • Accustical Measurement
    • Tightness Measurement
    • Signal analysis
    • Product safety tests
  • End of Line / Final Test

    End of line or final test means to finally test products in their delivery condition. The final inspection of products requires specific solutions developed by experienced experts. IPTE provides tailor-made solutions for these requirements. For the integration of typical additional functions, such as the creation of a product label, the application of barcodes or the like, IPTE also has the necessary know-how - from the label printer to laser integration. 

    Flexible, powerful and effective test devices for in-line or off-line use from a single source.

    Broad experience in various areas:

    • Measuring technology
    • Interface test
    • Vision tests
    • Haptic tests
    • Accoustic tests
    • Leak test
    • Product safety tests
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  • Lab / Quality Test

    IPTE implements test stations to check the quality of your product design in great detail during development or randomly in production processes. This also enables the user to carry out parameter and limit value tests under changed boundary conditions in order to check the product behavior.

  • Boundary Scan

    IPTE implements typical boundary scan solutions in test systems - integrated in ICT or functional test stations or independently. Integration into IPTE handling solutions, such as the Easy Test Handler (ETH) and the Multi Functional Test Handler (MFT 19), also enables cost-effective automation solutions and also fits perfectly into today's modern production lines.

    IPTE supplies fixtures and applications, e.g. for:

    • Göpel
    • JTAG Technologies
    • XJTAG
  • Burn- & Run-In / Screening

    Defects or failures of products during their useful life are considered a knockout criterion for quality and reliability. The trouble-free function and high reliability of all components, assemblies and products as well as the traceability of the various production steps are therefore the focus of the manufacturers. 
    In order to avoid later failures, almost all products and assemblies are put through their paces during and after the manufacturing process using tough stress tests and verification processes. 
    IPTE implements various customer-specific, high-performance run-in, burn-in, screening-, lifecycle- and laboratory - test systems for a whole range of different applications.

  • Flash Programming

    IPTE designs and implements specific solutions for all types of flashing and software downloads.
    The ability to integrate as a stand-alone system in typical IPTE handling systems or in addition in FUT or EOL test concepts enables the variable conception of inline and offline flash solutions.

    All major Flash-System providers can be integrated:

    • Ertec
    • ProMik
    • SMH Technologies
  • Vision

    In the production environment, the broad field of visual inspections is becoming more and more important. 
    In addition to the know-how in the integration of commercially available vision checkers, IPTE also has extensive know-how in the development of its own vision test systems. 

    Typical IPTE applications for 2D and 3D vision test: 

    • Part recognition / component inspection
    • Barcode quality inspection 
    • Printing test 
    • LED and display test 
    • Brightness, contrast, pattern and pixel tests 
    • Color testing 
    • Wobble circle tests 
    • Dispensing quantity detection
    • Edge inspection
  • Repair Stations

    In order to be able to directly eliminate the product errors detected in test stations, additional repair stations including the required out- and infeed-transfers are often required in production lines. 
    IPTE realizes such repair stations including all tools for contacting, handling and testing the products. 

    In addition, the IPTE software solutions enable seamless traceability and also give the repairer valuable information about the previously detected error patterns.

  • Climatic Testing

    It is often necessary to test products under typical environmental influences - such as temperature or general climatic fluctuations. 
    In addition to extensive know-how in measurement and testing technology, IPTE also has a high level of experience in the desig of test stations and fixtures, to meet all requirements in environments e.g. from -40 ° to 125 °. Whether inline in the IPTE hot test handling solutions or stand-alone in typical climatic chambers, IPTE implements tailor-made solutions for different kind of products.