FlexPresser II

FlexPresser II
FlexPresser II
FlexPresser II
FlexPresser II

The FlexPresser II is a fully automatic inline system for high dynamic pressing processes. The panel is transported into the work position via SMEMA interface on e.g. an edgebelt conveyor system.
Pins or connectors to be pressed in can be presented by several types of feeding systems (e.g. Trayfeeder, Stickfeeder, Bowlfeeder, etc.), which are connected to the standard FlexPresser II interface.
The pressing process with up to 7kN (or 10 kN) is done with way/force control and programmed on CAD data basis to realize a simple configuration and continuous process control.
To keep a flexible production running, the product specific gripper can be exchanged automatically and stored at the gripper bank. The support plate, which is mounted above the anvil is supplied with a manual fast exchange system.
As option a fiducial check can be done with a camera system to correct the insertion position regarding to the panel position and orientation.

Key features

  • High performance pressing process
  • 7000N pressing force
  • Feeder interface for basic feeding system
  • Linear motors and NC- C Axis
  • Support lift unit for minimized stress on PCB during insertion process
  • Way/Force measurement
  • Automatic tool exchange
  • Intuitive and user friendly HMI (TS1)


  • Edgebelt infeed conveyor
  • Walking beam infeed
  • Dual infeed conveyor
  • Vision program for placement alignment
  • 10 kN pressing force
  • 1D / 2D Code Reader
  • Tool magazine for 4 grippers
  • Automatic position correction with fiducial measurement

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FlexPresser II

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