5 new test lines for Cerler Global Electronics in Spain

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"We were looking for a partner who was able to think along with us and integrate with our existing equipment. That's how we ended up with IPTE," says Javier Garcia Mondedero - Managing Director at Cerler Global Electronics

From left to right: Javier Garcia Monedero, Rosario Cano, Manel Castano

Spanish company Cerler is a well-established company in Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS) with expertise in the white goods, automotive and energy indus-tries. Equipped with 5 SMD and 9 THT lines, they have a high production capacity of no less than 900,000 components/hour. For the testing of all these components, IPTE is their trusted partner. 

Cerler celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. A pearl of a company with an annual turnover of more than 60 million euros, which managed to climb up to the absolute top in EMS. The team of 350 employees converts raw materials into a high-quality, tested end-product. The customer is always the focus and is involved in every step of the production process. From design to logistics and everything in between.

"We already have a lot of knowledge and machines in-house. Only we were missing some crucial links to complete the lines," continues Rosario Cano, business development director of Cerler.

"In IPTE, we found a high-performance and reliable partner. This applies both to their products and services, which met our high demands."

The 2-year project included the installation of 5 high runner test lines. Hipot, flash and functional test included. Of course all under a stable temperature. To complete the integration into the production pro-cess, an automatic packing, sorting and pallet changer component was also foreseen. 

"I am very satisfied with the outcome of the project and the cooperation we enjoyed with IPTE. Thanks to their extensive Know-How, IPTE succeeded in fulfilling our wishes. In doing so, their engineers worked hand in hand with our own people. This was the key to the success of this project, and future projects," concludes Javier Garcia Monedero. 


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Cerler Reference Case

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