11KW On Board Charger

The biggest challenge within this project was to save space, so we created an u-shaped line designed for manual assembly and handling.

We achieved to prepare a line within a reduced space by creating an u-shapped line. We achieved to prepare a comletely automated Test Line with a modular design with Stations assembled in serial but working in parallel, with pass-through on them. You can increase the production just adding additional stations to the line.

We achieved to do a fixture based station in spite of the difficulties that the test specifications were bringing for this purpose. The pylon interface was automated in order to reduce the risks of damaging instruments during the test.

We integrated in one station the Leak Test Station with fixture, the AOI inspection with a robot including a 3D onboard camera, and the automatic labeling of the parts at the end of the process. And all this is possible to be adapated to a different product just changing the application (Leak test fixture + Robot, AOI & Printer Programs.

Automation of the Test Side was difficult as this devices weren't usually designed for mass production but manual assembly and handling.  Furthermore the 11KW added a point of difficulty as it is not the standard in all the usual interfaces we are used to work with, e.g., pylon blocks, pins, cabling,...... Also, there is a risk working with so high powers to damage the testers when testing a product due to DUT defects.

Customer was asking for 3D AOI inspection on a big amount of connectors with a system that could be adapted as the product wasn't ready and they wanted to have the chance to use for future products if needed.

It is a big heavy product with High Power to Test and with a production that needed the automation of some parts of the process and that needed to be prepared with modularity enough to support production increases in an easy way.

The floorspace was a problem as it was not foreseen the space of a one-line flow for a project of these dimensions.

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