Multi-Function-Test-Handler (MFT)

Multi-Function-Test-Handler MFT

The MFT Multi-Functional Test handler is a 19" rack-type handler for performing in-circuit tests and functional tests on PCBs that are routed through the handler on transport belts. The most important benefit is its concept. The modular design of the MFT-19" offers multi-functional possibilities for test handling.

Its multi-functionality lies in the fact that the modular MFT provides single lane, dual lane, single segment, dual segment, single well and dual well configuration, thus allowing up to four times increase in throughput in comparison with a standard single lane tester. Due to the build-in dual lane the MFT-19" can even replace full parallel test lines. The MFT-concept consumes less footprint in comparison with traditional equipment.

The MFT-19" comes with a highly modular fixture concept. A drawer type bed of nails is the base of the modular concept for simple testing. The fixture can be extended for more comprehensive or very complex testing for which extra instruments can be built in, all within the same standard fixture. As an option, the transport section can be equipped with an automatic width-adjustment module that adjusts the position of the rear transport rail to the width of the PCB. The MFT Multi-Functional Test handler can be integrated in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment.

  • Automatic in-line ICT and FT test handler
  • Single stage, dual stage and double sided contacting
  • Optimized footprint for parallel testing
  • Flexible in-line solutions
  • Multifunctional test handling
  • 19" Mounting space
  • Easy fixture exchange

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