MFT Test Handler for Teradyne's TSi-052/102 Test System

MFT 19 for TSi-02/102 Teradyne

The MFT 19 for TSi-052/102 is a Multi-Functional Test handler that can integrate a dual site TSi-052i/102 tester. The result is a single bay 60O mm Test Handler equipped with a vacuum type fixture.

This configuration offers a maximum production output in the smallest possible floorspace while maintaining the full benefits of Teradyne's tester and IPTE's Test Handler.

As an option, the transport section can be equipped with an automatic width-adjustment module that adjusts the position of the rear transport rail to the width of the PCB. The MFT 19 Tsi_052/102 Test handler can be integrated in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment.

  • Automatic In-Line Test Handler
  • Fits Teradyne MultiSite TSi-052/102
  • Single stage, dual stage and double sided contacting
  • Smallest footprint for parallel testing
  • Easy Fixture Exchange
  • High Pin-count testing
  • Flexible In-Line Solutions

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