In-Line Hot Test Handler (IHT II)

In-Line Hot Test Handler (IHT)

The IHT II is an automatic Integrated Hot Tester for testing PCBs at a high temperature. The IHT II consists of an oven section, followed by a test section. Its exchangeable bed of nails and press-on part stands for a fast product changeover without the intervention of service personnel. The upper-plate of the IHT II moves under servo control, allowing very fast and accurate locking of the PCB on the fixture. Underneath the test section is sufficient room for testing equipment.
The oven section consists of a heating section (five zones) and a buffer section (one zone) where the temperature of each zone is separately programmable.
The IHT II with oven can be integrated in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment. The comprehensive operator panel and display of the IHT II allows an easy control of the unit and gives a quick overview of the machine status

  • Fully controlled test temperature at PCB level
  • High volume
  • Easy width adjustment
  • Easy fixture exchange
  • SMEMA Compatible
  • Optional second handler



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