Test fixtures custom made by IPTE

IPTE fixtures

IPTE produces and customizes fixtures at three locations (Malville in France, Oradea in Romania and Heroldsberg in Germany)

At all these locations, bed-of-nails adapters are being produced according to the highest standards for an entire range of relevant applications, such as in-circuit tests, functional tests, flash programming and end-of-line product tests.

The services include:

Data Preparation
Mechanical Engineering

  • Needlebed
  • Pushers
  • TestPoint label
  • ESD conform needlebed plate if wished
  • Inserts

Mechanical Assembly

  • Preassembly of standard parts
  • Prewiring of pylon blocks

Electrical assembly (WireWrap, soldering)
Full automatic test of ICT fixtures with testreport.
Strain measurement with up to 8 channels on fixtures

More information

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