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Test areas application

IPTE developes and provides test equipment for most of all kind of electronical and mechanical devices. With an expertise of 25 years in the market the experts of IPTE are able to provide the perfect and customized test solution for your demands. IPTE is your global test-engineering partner to make your existing test capabilities more profitable by reducing production cost without compromising on test quality. Test capabilities range from: design for testability, test engineering, installation and setup support to training, process improvements and repair assistance.

As an added value, IPTE has partnerships with the world's leading ATE manufacturers which assures solutions that are a best fit for hardware, software and fixturing.

Test Solutions:

  • Offline: with manual operated adapters (IPTE, ATX, Ingun, GPS)
  • Inline: for ETH, ITS, MFT, Prodel and third party
  • Customized test solutions (from component level to complete device)
  • Customized turn key solutions (Handling and Test)
  • Fixture house: fixture design, building & test

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