Selective Wire Soldering

Selective Wire Soldering

The selective wire soldering cell is especially directed at demanding soldering processes.

The soldering tip operates with programmable positions and angles with predefined approaching speed. The entire soldering process consists as usually of the sequence preheating, soldering and cooling and takes less than 3 seconds per point.

Other integrated standard features are: a cleaning station for the soldering tip, soldering smoke remover, reel color detection, and camera-based tip inspection gear. Optionally available are a nitrogen soldering unit for lead-free processes, and a smoke remover with integrated filter.

  • Programmable selective wire soldering
  • Fast X, Y, Z and W movement
  • Accurate wire feeding (0,1 mm) with speed control
  • Adjustable feeder/solder iron holder
  • Tip calibration with camera
  • Integrated tip cleaning device
  • Typical 3 sec solder joint tact time
  • Soldering reel and color detection
  • Integrated fume extraction

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