Innovative standards in press-fit technology


Due to the growing demand for the press-fit technique of electrical contacts, IPTE has developed a new machine generation. The HSP II (High Speed Placer) is designed for different press-fit procedures at high throughput and is based on a proven concept, already in use in multiple applications. The press-fit contacts are supplied to the machine cutting unit in the form of a metal ribbon from reels, and after the cutting step the insertion head picks the single pieces up. The PCB, located on an XY-cross table, is positioned precisely under the insertion head for the following procedure in a parallel action which then provides the press-fit step.

  • In-line module with highs performance
  • Up to 2 heads for contact placement
  • Modular design for different types of contacts (solid or flexible pressFIT-pins, 3D-contacts)
  • Free programmable positions, angles and speed
  • Automatic contact stripe feeding
  • Quick gripper exchange system and modular cutting tool
  • Small footprint

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