Flexible automation equipment for efficient component press-fit technology


IPTE's FlexPresser (flexible press-fit equipment) processes components for press-fit operations on PCBs. One of the main design requirements was to reliably provide control over the partially very high press forces. In order to resolve this issue, IPTE has utilized its longstanding expertise in the areas of through-hole (THT) insertion and press-fit technology. A machine cell featuring a rearward feeder bank that leaves practically nothing to be desired from a component feeder mechanism forms the basis of the equipment. Other superior characteristics of the machine are: a conveyor belt with three divided segments for PCB transport; the high-dynamic linear-motor drive for moving the placing/joining unit; as well as support tooling for the PCB to absorb the elevated joining forces. The machine construction is designed to take very high press-fit forces of up to 7.000 Newton.

  • Flexible and modular system for placement of components with press-fit pins
  • In-line module with high performance and high press force
  • Modular design for different types of components
  • Free programmable positions, angles, forces and speed
  • Small footprint
  • Flexible feeder interface
  • Automatic gripper exchange device with tool management and tool recognition
  • Intuitive operator interface

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