Versatile odd-form component placer

The assembly of remnants and special parts regularly presents considerable challenges for automation. Standard odd-form components as well as special applications need to be placed in a simple and easy way with maximum efficiency and productivity. IPTE's EasyMounter, a pick and place unit is specially designed for these needs. The modular structure of the IPTE odd-form placer meets customers' requirements for a fast and efficient change of products.

Flexibility is ensured through the modular construction of the unit construction system. According to customers requirements IPTE can integrate a Cartesian or 4 axis scara robot, thus providing fast and efficient placement off the components. Product changes can be swiftly and easily carried out with software support. Standard equipped for 3 feeders, the EasyMounter can easily be upgraded to accommodate up to 6 feeders.

  • Simple and easy, low cost odd form pick & place unit
  • In-line and off-line capable
  • For standard odd form components and special applications
  • Maximum efficiency and productivity
  • Minimum footprint
  • Cartesian or 4-axis scara robot for fast and efficient placement
  • Intuitive operator interface, easy programming
  • 6 feeder slots

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