Off line depaneling

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On many shop floors, the product mix is too high to follow the automation concept in the depaneling step as well. Exactly for this kind of application, leading specialist company IPTE for router/depaneling equipment has designed an affordable alternative to in-line machines with the TopRouter, an off-line configuration. Here, loading/unloading of the boards into and from the depaneler is performed using a rotating table with an integrated, specific work-piece holder.

Depending on the different requirements, the panels can be processed by sawing or milling or with a combination of both. Especially noteworthy is the fact that the TopRouter can be operated with two milling heads at the same time. A combination of miller and saw is also an option.

  • Low stress separation process
  • Off-line depaneling system
  • Routing and or sawing
  • Turntable concept with two fixtures
  • Manual loading and unloading
  • Linear motor technology
  • Operator friendly
  • Minimized footprint

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