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According to the practice on the shop floor, all normally sized PCBs, substrates or board assemblies, respectively, have to be singulated from a large multi-circuit panel. This is valid for all of them, be they very complex, very fragile or just standard versions. Because of cost as well as quality reasons, damage - or even worse - the ruining of single parts of a circuit or the entire board must absolutely be avoided; this is in no way acceptable. IPTE has accomplished these high requirements with cutting equipment on the basis of its SpeedRouter depaneler since 1998. This equipment performs this task absolutely stress-free for the boards and the components. Depending on the particular demands and application, both cutting technologies sawing and milling or a combination of both are available. SpeedRouter depanelers are especially effective in applications with highest requirements and very narrow working tolerances. For example, the stamp-sized ball-grid-arrays (BGAs) substrates are allowed to vary from their target measures only by ±50?m.

Additionally, the position of the outer edges in regard to the solder-ball rows are defined exactly within this minimum tolerance value. The SpeedRouter depanelers of IPTE achieve this demanding cutting result by a special routing technology. Whereas the wear-out effect of the saw blade will be automatically compensated for, and the panel before the cutting procedure by the depaneler's NC-driven rotary axis are being brought into an optimum angle in respect to the cutting tool position.

  • High speed, low stress separation process
  • Linear motor technology 
  • Robust cast aluminium and granite construction
  • Broken bit detection with automatic tool change
  • Capable of routing and / or sawing
  • In- and off-line

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