Flexible, cost-efficient and fully automated depaneling

Systems Flex Router II

The highly successful IPTE FlexRouter II, globally tried and tested in numerous applications, has now been updated with a considerable number of new functions in the current machine series. By this innovative move, the greatly customizable depaneler featuring a very minimized footprint has become even more productive and cost-efficient. IPTE Factory Automation has introduced a new, uniform and intuitively usable machine-software environment for its router systems at present.

The FlexRouter II aims especially to middle-sized to high volume production lots fea-turing a high variety of different PCB versions, these are the demanding high-mix depaneling tasks based on short machine set-up procedures. Despite the very small footprint (machine width is only 1000 mm), boards with sizes of up to 330 mm x 500 mm (length x width) can be processed without difficulties. Four of the seven machine axes in total are integrated as extremely precise linear drives of latest technology.

  • High speed, low stress separating process
  • Ideal for high diversity, high volume production
  • High speed linear motor technology
  • Flexible servo and pneumatic grippers
  • Bottom side routing, top side gripper
  • Small footprint
  • Individual outfeed handling of the separated boards

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