Automatic Lift Unit (LFU)

Automatic Lift Unit

The LFU Lift Unit is an electrically operated lift unit for bringing PCBs from one level in the production line to another. Up to six entry and exit points can be provided. All lift positions are programmable. The lift cage is suspended on a chain and slides up and down over two linear guides. At one end, the chain is fixed to the frame while the other end is reeled in or out by an electric motor with sprocket wheel. The electrically driven lift cage ensures an accurate positioning of the PCB at each entry and exit point. At the bottom of the lift cage is a belt-driven transport segment for transporting the PCB. As an option, the transport segment can be equipped with an automatic width-adjustment module that automatically adjusts the width of the transport belts to the width of the PCB. The routing of the PCB entirely depends on the line set-up and can be configured as needed.
The LFU Lift Unit integrates easily in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment. The control panel with touch screen gives access to all parameters and settings.

  • Electrically operated PCB lift unit
  • Programmable lift positions
  • Lean design - optimized footprint
  • User friendly interface - LCD touch screen
  • Easy configuration
  • Integrated diagnostic tool
  • Welded steel frame

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