Multi Magazine Line Unloader (MLU VI)

Multi Magazine Line Unloader

The MLU-VI Multi Magazine Line Unloader is designed for unloading production lines; processed or partially-processed PCBs are transferred into a rack. The empty racks are placed on the top belt section (maximal three racks). The full racks leave the unloader on the bottom belts. The bottom belt section holds up to two racks (three with the lift cage included).
The central part of the unloader is an electrically driven lift cage that is filled with an empty rack from the top belt section. The rack then positions itself with the first empty slot at SMEMA-level. The processed PCBs enter the unloader from the left, on transport belts. After the PCBs stops, a pusher rises up at the back and pushes the PCB into the rack. As the pusher is retracted to pick up the next PCB, the lift cage positions the rack at the next empty slot. After the rack is completely filled, the rack leaves the lift cage on the bottom belt section.
Possible rack types are CAB703 and CAB707. The width of the belt sections (for the racks) is manually adjustable. The width of the transport belts (for the PCBs) is adjustable by hand. As an option, the width can be adjusted electronically by push-buttons or electronically through broadcasting or whisper-down-the-line. The position of the pusher in that case will be adjusted accordingly. Another option is the extension at the end of the bottom belt section that allows the line unloader to stock an extra full rack (four with the lift cage included).
The MLU-VI Multi Magazine Line Unloader integrates easily in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment. The control panel with touch screen gives access to all parameters and settings.

The MLU-VI Multi Magazine Line Unloader as depicted above is a line unloader with side-unloading. Another configuration for the line unloader is the MLU-VI Multi Magazine Line Unloader with back-unloading; racks are now unloaded at the back of the line unloader.

  • Reliable PCB line unloader with integrated magazine changer
  • Ideal for fast running lines
  • Silent operation
  • Lean design - optimized footprint
  • User friendly interface - LCD
  • Easy reconfiguration
  • Integrated diagnostic tool
  • Welded steel frame

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