Single Magazine Line Loader (MLL I)

Single Magazine Line Loader

The MLL-I Single Magazine Line Loader is intended for loading production lines with empty or partially-processed PCBs. The PCBs are stocked in magazine racks. The rack is placed inside an electrically driven lift cage. Each time a PCB needs to be inserted, the rack moves up/down one position and a pusher -at SMEMA-height-- moves in to push the next available PCB into the production line. Possible rack types are CAB703 and CAB707. Optionally, the position of the pusher can be adjusted by hand.
The MLL-I Single Magazine Line Loader integrates easily in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment. The control panel with touch screen gives access to all parameters and settings.

  • Compact, reliable PCB line loader
  • Ideal for fast running lines
  • Expandable with magazine changer
  • Lean design - optimized footprint
  • User friendly interface - LCD touch screen
  • Easy configuration
  • Integrated diagnostic tool
  • Welded steel frame

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