Bare Board Unloader (BBU)

Bare Board Loader

The BBU Bare Board Unloader is a fully automated unit for arranging incoming PCBs in a stack. If the unit signals that the stack is full, the operator has to remove the stack.
In automatic mode, the unit waits until the transport belts import a PCB. The PCB is next added to the bottom of the stack. The following actions take place subsequently.
o    The transport belts stop running when the PCB covers the position sensor (near the end of the belt). The PCB sits directly under the stack, which is held by two stack supports (one at the front and one at the back).
o    The two vertical lifting plates move up and lift the PCB from the belts. The PCB is pressed (under low pressure) against the bottom of the stack.
o    As the two stack supports on either side of the stack retract (they disappear into the front and rear wall), the low pressure valve in the air supply of the lift is bypassed by the opening of a second valve that applies high pressure. The entire weight of the stack is then transferred onto the vertical lifting plates (that were already carrying the new PCB).
o    The vertical lifting plates continue to move up. The stack supports move out again and as the vertical lifting plates are lowered again, the weight of the stack is transferred back onto the stack supports.
The PCB that came in last is now the bottom board in the stack.
As an option, the BBU Bare Board Unloader can be equipped with an automatic width-adjustment module that automatically adjusts the position of the rear wall to the width of the PCB.
The BBU Bare Board Unloader integrates easily in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment. The control panel with touch screen gives access to all parameters and settings.

  • Top unloading mechanism
  • Mechanical PCB separator
  • Lean design - optimized footprint
  • User friendly interface - LCD touch screen
  • Easy configuration
  • Integrated diagnostic tool
  • Welded steel frame

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