Single Magazine Buffer (MBU I)

Single Magazine Buffer

The MBU-I Single Magazine Buffer can stock PCBs into a rack temporarily and release them later back into the production line. For that purpose, the PCB belt section is equipped with two pushers; a short one, for pushing the PCB into the rack and a long one, for pushing the PCB out into the next unit. The width of the PCB belt section is adjustable by hand. The rack can be accessed through a door at the back. The rack is placed in a lift cage that repositions itself each time a PCB is inserted. The cage moves up or down until the next empty slot in the rack is level with the transport belts. If PCBs pass through the buffer without being stocked, the lift cage will move to its most downward position and PCBs are pushed over a slide section that is fitted on top of the lift cage and into the adjoining unit.
Possible rack types are CAB703 and CAB707. The width of the roller belt (for the rack) is manually adjustable. As an option, the width of the transport belts can be adjusted electronically by push-buttons or electronically through broadcasting or whisper-down-the-line. The position of the pushers in that case will adjust accordingly.
The MBU-I Single Magazine Buffer integrates easily in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment. The control panel with touch screen gives access to all parameters and settings.

  • In-line PCB buffer with magazine
  • Ideal for fast running lines
  • Expandable with magazine changer
  • LIFO or FIFO operation
  • Suitable as NG stacker unit
  • Pass-through on belt conveyor
  • Lean design - optimized footprint
  • User friendly interface - LCD touch screen
  • Easy configuration
  • Integrated diagnostic tool
  • Welded steel frame

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