Easy going - IPTE's board-handling equipment

IPTE's board-handling equipment

IPTE's portfolio of the Easyline equipment includes all necessary modules for the efficient handling of boards in electronics manufacturing lines. In addition to the highest of demands on the quality and reliability of this equipment, the key targets for the design of the new handling-units program have been the maximum standardi-zation of the modules, as well as of the software and of the operation mode.

The outstanding result is an advanced and economically feasible concept consisting of multiple standardized modules, which reasonably fulfill the current and future complexity of modern board handling.

Made from welded steel frame, each unit is equipped with its own control and diagnostic ability which is accessed via a LCD touch screen. All units are SMEMA compatible. To ensure a totally flexible line strategy, each of the modules can easily be reconfigured for different products or even different production lines. Easyline solutions are available for the transport and handling of PCB, hybrid circuits and also pallets.

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