MFT 19 Keysight i3070

MFT 19 Keysight i3070
MFT 19 Keysight i3070
MFT 19 Keysight i3070
MFT 19 Keysight i3070

The MFT 19 Keysight i3070 Test handler is a 19" rack-type handler for a performing in-circuit tests on PCBs that are routed through the handler on transport belts.
Its multi-functionality lies in the fact that the modular MFT provides single lane, dual lane, single segment, dual segment, single well and dual well configuration, thus allowing up to four times increase in throughput in comparison with a standard single lane tester.
The Keysight i3070 tester is integrated in the test system and allows full benefit of the tester’s functionality.

Key features

  • Automatic In-Line Test Handler
  • Fits Keysight i3070
  • Single stage, dual stage and double sided contacting
  • Smallest footprint for parallel testing
  • Easy Fixture Exchange
  • High Pin-count testing
  • Flexible In-Line Solutions
  • Easy access to tester


  • Drive force 10 kN
  • Automatic width adjustment
  • Multiple stop positions
  • Interface for top or bottom tooling
  • Dual lane
  • Dual segment

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MFT 19 Keysight i3070

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