The EasyLabeler is an in-line equipment that places a label on the PCB topside.
The requested content (suc as barcode, data matrix code, text and/or logos will be printed on the label. The label applicator will then move the label to the position on the product.
The integrated 1D/2D scanner will verify the content of the printed codes immediately after printing. The result can then be transferred to a network connection to enable traceability.

Key features

  • High speed In-Line Label Marking
  • Medium Volume High Mix
  • Modular Cell Structure
  • Fixed Labeling Area
  • User Friendly HMI
  • 300 or 600 dpi Printer
  • PCB or Carrier Transport
  • Fast PCB Exchange Time


  • 1D/2D Reader
  • Network interface to customer database
  • upgrade to 600 dpi printer
  • Fixed transport (PCB or carrier)
  • Fixed transport with output buffer (PCB or carrier)
  • Board orientation

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