EasyTray loader

EasyTray loader
EasyTray loader
EasyTray loader
EasyTray loader
EasyTray loader
EasyTray loader

The EasyTray loader is the perfect solution for supplying trays to other Pick & Place systems. The ability to stack and unstack trays, as well as the configurable (un)load direction, makes the EasyTray loader essential for every assembly line layout.

The smart design of the EasyTray loader allowsfor different ways to place the trays on the loader: manually, by a trolley or by an AGV. As a result, it always meets your level of automation.

Finally, you can extend the autonomy of the EasyTrayloader by adding one or multiple buffer units. These buffers provide more space for stacks of trays. As a result, you have to operate (manual or autonomous by AGV) the machine less frequently.

Key features

Configurable modular trayfeeder
Automatic Tray Exchange
Mechanical tray seperator
Lean design - optimized footprint
Flexible tray stack loading: manual, trolley or AGV
Intelligent communication with placement system
Touchscreen HMI - Easy user Interface
Side by side positioning possible

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EasyTray loader

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