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TopRouter with Pass/Fail indication

The TopRouter can now be equipped with the optional Pass/Fail indication.
After the depaneling process, the Pass/Fail indication will highlight the Pass/Fail information with a color overlay image (smart operator information panel). The operator is as such guided to remove the parts and to place them into the appropriate container.
The Pass/Fail information is downloaded from the MES system or from the bad mark on the panel.
The TS1 software automatically sizes the indicators and combines the Pass/Fail info with the image of the panel.
The option is available for all TopRouters running TS1 software.

The off-Line depaneling system TopRouter is used to depanel a high variety of products with low to medium batch sizes. This flexible usage is guaranteed through a quick change of product-specific carrier and the easy re-equipping of the layout-depending tools. Routers and/or saw blades, are at hand and guarantee an optimal depaneling of the PCB. The TopRouter is equipped with a turntable allowing unloading/loading during the depaneling process.
More  information on IPTE depaneling solutions is available at