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New: IPTE multi magazine loader/unloader

IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the
electronics and mechanics industry, introduces the new multi magazine loader/
unloader – an innovative solution for the end of line automation.

The board handling components MLL 3P and MLU 3P are designed as multi magazine
loader/unloader for loading or unloading production lines with processed or partially-
processed PCBs. At the end or the start of the production line the PCBs are
transferred from or into a rack. The central part of the loader/unloader is a servo driven
conveyor shuttle that can pick up or store a PCB from any slot in one of the magazines.
Therefor the cycle time and maintenance is dramatically improved by removing
movement of the magazines.

The system can hold three regular magazines. It is efficient, fast, productive and it
operates very silent. The infeed/outfeed position can be freely programmed in both Z
and Y position making it a perfect fit for any SMT line. The components MLL 3P and
MLU 3P offer a lean design with optimized footprint. The solid frame is made from
welded steel. A light curtain is used for safety allowing the operator to remove or insert
magazines without any hassle.

Loading and unloading sequence can be fully programmed, as well as pass/fail separation
for the unloading. A color touch screen gives access to all parameters and settings.
A diagnostic tool is integrated as well.

The standard MLL 3P or MLU 3P is designed for three magazines. Depending on the
size it can be optionally equipped for up to ten magazines.
The multi magazine loader/unloader MLL 3P and MLU 3P are ready to be used with
an automated guided vehicle (AGV ready). The necessary interface is optionally
available. Another option is a machine with loading and unloading functionality in one