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New, faster and more flexible operating software for the entire IPTE equipment portfolio

IPTE, a leading supplier of automated manufacturing equipment for the electronics and mechanical industry, has provided new, even more powerful operating software to its entire machine portfolio.  The software, named TS1, helps to speed up the equipment remarkably, and in addition, all machine procedures have been optimized for the users and becomes the IPTE standard user interface on all IPTE equipment. Using TS1 in machine development results in ease of use for operators with an intuitive user interface.


The benefits of this revision become apparent mainly for two activities: The first is the changing-over from one product to another. This can be done in less than one minute. The second is the creating the process program for a new product within in less than ten minutes (new product introduction time). Better still, the operator conducting a set-up needs no special expertise. The simplified handling allows a quick plug-and-play use.


Productivity and efficiency have been increased enormously by the use of new methods for axis control and travel range movements. Another result of the optimization is the substantial reduction of programming time, as can be seen in the separating procedures of PCB depanelers. All changes to the equipment set-up are stored by means of a special system, so even individual steps can be easily and readily traced; and when needed, the former set-up can be restored without any difficulty.


Also in the course of this revision: all modules of the IPTE board handling range Easyline have been equipped with a color touch screen and now include software with a similar look and feel user interface as the new TS1 software.


The TS1 software conforms fully to the IPC 2541 (CAMX) standard and offers a standardized interface to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Optimized procedures for malfunction handling and standardized communication with the operator in the event of mistakes or warning signals complement the new software of IPTE’s equipment. By completely migrating all its machines to the TS1 operating system, equipment specialist IPTE has set new benchmarks for performance and the ease of handling of advanced automated production equipment.