Laser marking vs. label marking

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IPTE offers a broad and versatile product range for Laser Marking.

PCBs or products are marked during the production process. The question is how to mark: label marking or laser marking? IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, sees a definite trend of changing to laser marking in many industries, not only automotive, but healthcare, energy, consumer products and many more.

However, in many production processes label marking is still commonly used, despite some constraints and inconveniences, as for example the cost of consumables with the mandatory maintenance and stock management. Furthermore, label markers tend to need too much factory space and production flexibility is quite limited.
On the other hand laser marking has many advantages: There is no need for consumables. The proven process is very fast and the result is a reliable and everlasting marking. Laser marking is anti-static and offers a great flexibility in materials to mark and changing the pattern of the laser mark is easy and versatile.

IPTE has many years of experience in laser marking and developed a complete range for nearly all applications. The marking systems are used to enable traceability and identification of parts during manufacturing processes.

The IPTE product range includes:

  • IPTE EasyMarker: A highly economical solution designed for smaller work pieces with a minor footprint.
  • IPTE SP-Marker II: A high speed in-line laser marking solution with limited floor space and a medium and free programmable marking field.
  • IPTE FlexMarker: Allows the processing of larger work pieces, and is also the most flexible system in the laser-marker portfolio of IPTE.
  • IPTE FlexMarker II: Works with a movable laser unit and a fixed PCB position. Like the FlexMarker, the FlexMarker II is a very flexible system and allows high volume and high mix in-line laser marking with an ultra-wide marking field processing.

Beside this versatile product range, IPTE develops and offers laser marking solutions for very specific customer requirements.