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IPTE's selective soldering cell is on display at TBK's booth at SMT

IPTE's new selective wire soldering production cell will be on display at TBK's (Technisches Büro Kullik GmbH) booth no. 240 in hall 9 at SMT (May 6 - 8, 2014) in Nuremberg.


The selective soldering cell is especially directed at demanding soldering processes on PCBs, hybrid ceramics, flexible film materials and many more substrates. Moreover, the cell can be used for soldering on PCB assemblies already incorporated into unit housings. This special feature renders the soldering cell a highly flexible solution compared to other soldering machines on the market.


The soldering locations can be programmed with a feeding accuracy of 0,1mm and with controlled speeds as well. The soldering tip operates with programmable angels features also a defined approaching speed and allows movements in any direction. Active sensors efficiently avoid collisions during action of the tip. In addition, the feeding speed of the solder wire too can be programmed. The entire soldering process consists as usually of the sequence preheating, soldering and cooling. Taken together, the cycle time is well below 3 seconds.


Other integrated standard features are: a cleaning station for the soldering tip, soldering smoke remover, reel color detection, and camera-based tip inspection gear. Optionally available are a nitrogen soldering unit for lead-free processes, and a smoke remover with integrated filter.


Rotating scrubbers are used for tip cleaning, and additionally movements of the tip for the cleaning action can be programmed. In addition, the clean-up frequency is performed according to a specified time span or a certain number of soldering cycles. The exchange of the soldering tip is made easy, also in this case the user can switch between a given time span or a number of soldering cycles. Automatic calibration of the tip after the exchange is supported by the machine software and increases output efficiency.


Feeding of the board assemblies can be customer-specifically provided. Modules for in-line or off-line operation with work piece holders, single or pallet-based feeding are available.


This selective soldering station features the powerful operation software TS1 allowing for reduced cycle times, and optimize all user interaction processes. One outstanding result of this optimization is the minimization of the effort and time needed for the programming of the soldering procedures. The easy-to-handle soldering station supports quick plug-and-play application.