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IPTE's advanced FlexMarker II processes both sides of PCBs

With the new FlexMarker II the factory automation specialist IPTE presents now an even more efficient successor to the much proven laser-marking system FlexMarker. A unique feature of this advanced machine is the integrated electrical flip unit with PCB thickness compensation (option) so the work piece can be laser-marked on both surfaces. This automated compensation results in an always-in-focus laser beam - independent of the PCB thickness. A board warpage correction is being offered as an option as well. Flipping of the PCB is done without prior moving the laser to a secured area, resulting in a handling time less than one second.

Also new is the software TS1 which provides significantly higher speed to the FlexMarker II and minimizes the cycle time remarkably. Furthermore, all operating procedures have been optimized. One important outcome of this optimization is a substantial reduction of the programming efforts.

The advanced FlexMarker II is a highly flexible applicable laser marking system for processing PCBs featuring dimensions from 50 to 522 mm (both in width and length). Depending on customer requirements CO2, Fiber, YaG and UV laser are available. Another outstanding feature is Verify@MarkTM  which verifies the code immediately after the marking without compromising cycle time.

Batch change-over consequences (such as solder mask changes) are automatically corrected using the Verify&CorrectTM feature. This feature will verify the marking and correct the laser settings to ensure highest output quality, without losing handling time and with no operator action.

The design of the FlexMarker II conforms to the demands of modern production lines, as the machine operates reliably and with utmost precision. The work cell can be applied for differently sized marking areas with optimum flexibility and efficiency and fulfills all customers' demands. And as with all IPTE laser-work cells also the advanced FlexMarker II can easily be adapted to very specific process requirements.

In today's electronics manufacturing, PCBs, circuit-board assemblies and other modules or entire products have to be reliably marked or defined in order to provide accurate documentation as well as seamless traceability of the manufacturing process. For this task, the use of laser-marking systems becomes ever more important to provide fast, reliable and error-free marking, labeling or writing. The process of identification or labeling has to be seamlessly integrated in the production environment without delay or line stops. IPTE's laser marking systems comply fully with these requirements. They are based on the proven modular work-cell concept of IPTE and can be used for both in-line as well as stand-alone configurations. For in-line applications a SMEMA interface is available to all machines. Stand-alone running cell islands can be put together by the addition of loading and unloading units or other transport modules from the large IPTE portfolio. The design of the IPTE laser marker systems is featuring the smallest footprint and allows easy access to all areas of the machines. In addition it enables uncomplicated machine handling and service procedures.