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IPTE/Prodel's A3D assembly and transfer system with new work-piece holders

There are now new modules available for IPTE/Prodel's much proven and widely recognized assembly and transfer system A3D. The novel transport palettes have a dimension of 290 x 650 mm and can bear a payload of up to 26 kg. With these new work-piece holders the users now have a choice between five standard sizes: 210 x 210 mm, 290 x 350 mm, 290 x 650 mm, 310 x 410 mm, as well as 540 x 540 mm.

IPTE/Prodel's A3D assembly and transfer system of is the most powerful equipment in their machine portfolio. In its performance and technical capabilities it optimally meets the requirements of today's manufacturing industry. The self-contained modules can be combined and are so flexible that they can handle all arrangements of automated or manual tasks, regardless of whether a system is an off-line or an in-line configuration (only in-line version for 290 x 650 and 540 x 540). Beginning with just a single, self-contained cell, a complete automated and robust system can be configured, featuring very short cycle times. The investment could be decided by the customer, step by step, according to the needed production level.

Every transport palette features an integrated data memory which stores all product-related information and notes all results of the assembly processes. Errors will be identified immediately, and the entire manufacturing process can also be traced down to its minute details. The A3D modules can be used in practically every manufacturing environment be it a clean room or a heavy-duty shop floor, where oil and other liquids are in use.

All A3D modules feature a decentralized control unit, named "Turbo", which uses a plain language based on communication procedures. The "Turbo" comprises of the following functional sections: control of the transfer system; dialog between the assembly system and the memory on the transport palette, control of specific procedures; control of the moving axes; as well as the interface to the vision systems. As an option, a new color touch display can be added, to allow a better communication for production staff via a dedicated interface. Since every module includes its own control unit, by expanding the system with additional modules, also the capacity of the entire control system can be significantly enlarged. As an option, there is also software available (TurboScope, TurboKit) which allows for the tracing of the production process