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IPTE to exhibit at IPC APEX Expo 2018

IPTE Factory Automation, one of the world’s leading supplier of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, will exhibit with an own booth (number 3917) on the upcoming IPC APEX Expo (February 27 to March 1) in San Diego, USA. IPTE will focus on two main categories during the exhibition: depaneler (PCB) and board handling. Due to that, the products EasyRouter with cobot loading/unloading (off-line low-cost PCB) and MFT 19” (Board Handler for In-Circuit- or functional- test as well as programming processes) will be shown.

IPTE EasyRouter:

The machine is equipped with a productive milling tool featuring a speed of up to 60 mm/s for the fast routing of circuit boards from above. The loading and unloading of the depaneler takes place manually during the separating process via a rotating table on which non-complex and highly functional workpiece holders are mounted. The loading of the rotating table is operated by a cobot. The X and Y drive mechanisms for the milling operation during the separating process are equipped with modern, fast and precise linear-motor axes. For the easy programming of the depaneling process, the EasyRouter comes with the camera-based CATS (Camera Aided Teaching System). Moreover, the programming can be carried out by using standard dxf files or with G-data codes. Both capabilities are available for off-line or on-line operation respectively.

IPTE MFT 19 Testhandler

In-Circuit- or functional- test as well as programming processes can be inline automated with IPTE’s MFT Board Handler. The MFT is practical for the use with single-circuit boards, multiple boards or corresponding carriers for circuit boards. Both, one- or double-sided fixtures can be realized. The fixtures can be changed quickly and easily. For optional parallel use of more than one Board Handler, the Board Handler can be equipped with a bypass-segment. This allows a constant production process, which is not interrupted by the testing process. Moreover, the Bypass can be used to optimize the cycle time.


IPTE’s booth on the upcoming APEX show is part of the company’s strong presence in North America. Since 1997 IPTE has been active in the United States with an own subsidiary. The production site is located in Atlanta, Georgia.