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IPTE offers Laser Plastic Welding Solutions

Flexibility and high quality welding

IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, offers Laser Plastic Welding (LPW) solutions. IPTE’s solutions provide an improved welding quality compared to other technologies and offer a huge flexibility.

The laser has recently become the preferred method of welding plastics in different industries. IPTE has responded to the rising demand from its customers by developing various proven LPW solutions. Using LPW ensures highest quality weld joints.

Laser energy that passes through a permeable top layer and reaches an absorptive bottom layer is the basic principle of LPW. The heat created by the laser energy will melt the plastic materials. The result is a superior weld joint after the material cooled down.

IPTE Laser Plastic Welding has many advantages: Starting with a superior weld joint, followed by great precision and accuracy. Users can easily switch between different products to weld, thanks to the ergonomic design. There is no need for consumables, which results in minimal maintenance and low operating costs. The welding process works without dust or vibrations.

IPTE’s LPW solutions are suitable in different production environments. Like all other production equipment offered by IPTE, the LPW solutions can be tailor-made to specific customer requirements.