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IPTE introduces AR-based service

More rapid support with Smart Support

IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, relies on smart support: The global service support at IPTE has recently started working with smart data glasses to be even more efficient in the service area. The data glasses connect the service employee on site with the service employee at IPTE and thus guarantee immediate and error-free direct contact for fast and safe troubleshooting.

IPTE Smart Support enables video live streams and chat communication with integrated text translation in 125 languages. The voice communication includes a translation tool in 17 languages. In addition, there is a simple photo transmission with marking function, data transmission, video recording and documentation. The IPTE Smart Support App required for use is simply loaded onto a smartphone or tablet. This process takes only one minute. In addition, the IPTE Service can connect to the machines concerned at any time and provide remote support.

This AR-based service enables IPTE to maintain its customer service without problems even in the current situation under COVID-19. IPTE Smart Support makes it easy to implement a contactless service in line with current health regulations.

The IPTE service hotline is available around the clock for all service questions.

IPTE Service Support:

Hotline: +32 (0)89 623 100