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IPTE introduced a fast SpringMounter with small footprint

The machine is able to place a spring every 1,2 seconds onto a PCB.
The SpringMounter is equipped with a single lane transport with an input, process and output position. A dual lane option is available to reduce waiting time and throughput optimization.
The springs are placed on a PCB which is positioned and clamped at the process position. The clamping ensures positioning of the PCB during spring placement.
Springs are fed using a bulk feeder with 2 outputs to a pickup area. The feeder includes a defect and orientation check and can have an autonomy of up to 3 hours. A Staubli robot with a pneumatic 3-finger gripper picks up the spring for the pickup area, and places the spring onto its position on the PCB. The springs are placed into solder paste which holds the springs in position between the mounting and the reflow process.
The system is equipped with IPTE’s TS1 HMI interface allowing placement program management, monitoring, service actions and providing process statistics with optional MES communication.