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IPTE Factory Automation appoints representative in Hungary

IPTE Factory Automation, a leading supplier of production assembly and test automation in the electronics and mechanics assembly industry, is now working with E-Chain Kft. as its new representative for Hungary. Started May 1st, E-Chain Kft. will supply sales as well as customer services for IPTE in Hungary. E-Chain will be represented by Tibor Gellérthegyi, Managing Director.

According to IPTE Factory Automation, this collaboration will strengthen the company's access to the Hungarian market, while at the same time, ensuring better support to the customers.

Company Background E-Chain Kft.
E-chain Kft is a typical sales and support organization in the electrical technology and electromechanical assembly market. The company has been established in 2009 with the target of serving OEM and EMS companies in the Central and East European geographical are. As a representative of IPTE, Sony SMSE, KIC and Telsonic, the company can fulfill majority of sales and technical requests from the SMT and back-end automation industrial field.

The employees of E-chain are senior sales and service persons having decades of experiences in multinational industrial surroundings.

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