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IPTE expands location in the United States

IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, has expanded its location in the United States of America. The new location in Alpharetta, a northern suburb of the city of Atlanta, Georgia, is enhanced by a production site. IPTE USA, a subsidiary of IPTE, employs 19 team members.

Since 1997 IPTE has its own subsidiary in the United States. The location in Alpharetta, which has been a sales and service unit, has been fully developed to a production site. The total area of the subsidiary has expanded to 1,500 square meters, with 600 square meters office space and 900 square meters production site. Moreover, the new location features a showroom for IPTE-products like MFT Multifunctional test handler, ETH Easy test handler, the depaneling systems EasyRouter and FlexRouter as well as the laser marking system FlexMarker.

The business will be mainly in the area of custom automation. It is focused to the assembly of mechanically parts and robotic applications like greasing, dispensing, pick and place. The integration of vision systems and capacity for programming and software development are part of the portfolio as well.

“The expansion of the location in the United States is a very important part in IPTE’s approach to be present for our clients all around the globe. With an own production unit IPTE USA is now able to supply the US-American market fully extensive. Together with the recent expansion of IPTE Mexico IPTE USA will strengthen IPTE’s presence in whole America as well as worldwide. In general, IPTE continues to grow due to the recent expansions in Germany, Romania, Mexico and the United States”, states Hubert Baren, CCO of IPTE.