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IPTE EasyRouter - With new software Low-cost depaneler now even faster and more flexible

IPTE, a leading supplier of printed circuit board separating systems (PCB router or depaneler), has provided new firmware to its off-line low-cost EasyRouter, in order to make the equipment even more powerful and efficient.

The fresh TS1 firmware considerably boosts working speed and reduces tact time by 30%, and all operation routines for the users have been optimized too. One outstanding result of this optimization is the reduction of the routing programming by 90%, compared to the effort prior to this introduction. With this performance the IPTE EasyRouter sets now new benchmarks in PCB depaneling.

The simple handling allows a quick plug-and-play use. The machine is equipped with a productive milling tool featuring a speed of up to 60 mm/s for the fast routing of circuit boards from above. The loading and unloading of the depaneler takes place manually during the separating process via a rotating table on which non-complex and highly functional work-piece holders are mounted. For high user comfort the Easy Router features also a light-curtain gate. This way the handling time can be significantly reduced without any deficit in operator safety.

The X and Y drive mechanisms for the milling operation during the separating process are equipped with modern, fast and precise linear-motor axes. For the easy programming of the depaneling process, the EasyRouter comes with the camera-based CATS (Camera Aided Teaching System). Moreover, the programming can be carried out by using standard dxf files or with G-data codes. Both capabilities are available for off-line or on-line operation respectively.

From the additional options offered the customers can select from an extensive range of tools. The EasyRouter can optionally be equipped with a tool-break monitor system and a tool operating-time counter. According to the individual application the user can also select from a broad range of dust vacuum-suction systems. A processor tool is available on request for the application of existing CAD data to ease the programming task. Additionally, the EasyRouter can be geared up with an acquisition system for production and operation data, in order to record the depaneling procedures.

IPTE offers a portfolio of four depaneler systems to cover all the different application requirements in board assembly operations. Regardless of the product mix, the quantities to be manufactured and the automation level on the shop floor, every customer will find an efficient machine solution for a respective task. And not to be forgotten: the IPTE depaneler systems can be individually adapted to the customers' requirements with numerous options.