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IPTE Easy Test Handler ETH

Versatile Test Handler with the smallest footprint

The Easy Test Handler ETH from IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, is a very versatile Test Handler. The IPTE ETH can handle all currently used tests. Depending on customers’ requirements, the IPTE ETH automates the following testing functionalities: flash programming, end of line testing, boundary scan, RF testing (Cage of Faraday), functional testing, and visual testing. Other customer specific tests are possible as well.

With the smallest footprint in the world (500 mm width), IPTE’s ETH stands out. Another unique feature is the bypass function: Adding a second ETH with bypass function will increase the line length only with 500 mm – however, the throughput almost doubles.

The ETH handles single-circuit boards, multiple boards or carriers for circuit boards. The one- or double-sided fixtures are easy and fast to change.

The IPTE ETH is an economical test solution. It integrates easily in a fully automated SMEMA-compatible test environment and provides enough space for 19 inch test equipment (10 HE). The LC-touch display commands all parameters and settings.

Last but not least IPTE’s operating software, TS1, is very user friendly and highly appreciated by IPTE’s customers. TS1 is installed in thousands of IPTE products worldwide. TS1 software allows automatic operation with no operator intervention, reducing cost and increasing flexibility.