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IPTE at Productronica 2019

New design and increased standardization

IPTE Factory Automation, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, presents at Productronica its new product design. Besides the focus on the requirements of industry 4.0, a new optical design and the optimized mechanical design of the components of the machines, the new generation accelerates the standardization of the so called standard machines. This covers IPTE’s depanelers as well as IPTE’s mounting equipment.

The new production cells are built on a modular and scalable base. They show a huge crispness. Another part of the new design is the optimized layout inside the cells. This offers an increased user-friendliness and a better access to all parts of the machines. The handling of these production cells is even better for service and reequipping. Besides the standard processes like dispensing, milling and mounting, a lot of other functionalities can be built into the new IPTE cells.

Due to the increased standardization of the IPTE depanelers and the IPTE mounters the company is able to reduce delivery time and times for service. In addition, the storekeeping is reduced as well.

During Productronica from November 12th to 15th in Munich IPTE presents the new design by showing a production line for a dispensing and milling process. Two of the new production cells are equipped with a dispenser and an IPTE depaneler FlexRouter II. The line is connected with some board handling modules and loading/unloading units out of IPTE’s EasyLine handling program. An optical on-the-fly-control to check the milling quality and a blister packing unit are integrated into the depaneler cell. It demonstrates a lean and process extensive concept of the production line.

In addition, the fully automated production line shows the realization of Industry 4.0. Every single production process generates a package of production data which can be picked up and shown live. Besides OEE- (Overall Equipment Effectiveness) data and fault statistics, actual data of energy consumption, process and quality statistics are shown on four line dashboards.