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IEE – VitaSense project with expertise from IPTE Factory Automation

Child Presence Detection - Radar life-saving technology to sense occupants

VitaSense is a system that detects children left in vehicles and provides this information to the vehicle’s warning systems. It detects occupants, including new-born, based on their movements or breathing – even when they are sleeping.

Using radar technology, VitaSense transmits a signal that is then reflected by occupants or objects. As, due to their movement, occupants modify these reflected signals differently, the system is able to differentiate between occupants and inanimate objects. IPTE developed, manufactured and installed a complete test solution. The whole project, from concept to installation, was coordinated from IPTE’s side by Gunther Boonen – Sales Manager Test and acted as a single contact for IEE.


From left to right: Alexander Pfingst, Team Leader IEE – Gunther Boonen Sales Manager Test IPTE – Ferdy Backes Sr. Industrial Engineer IEE


‘IPTE helped us with their expertise to successfully launch VitaSense in the market and this within a very restricted time frame’.

Alexander PFINGST, Team leader Industrial Engineering, IEE S.A., Luxembourg


The IPTE line configuration consists of a MFT19” Tester and 2 ETH test handlers.

The IPTE MFT 19” (Multi-Functional Tester) is the fastest automatic In-Line multiple test handler in the market with an optimized footprint of only 600 mm and a complete Keysight i3070 integration. The first ETH (Easy Test Handler) is equipped as a flashing station with an SMH Flashrunner 2.0 integration and based on NI TestStand. A generic flash fixture is used.

The second ETH performs the functional testing with 4 DUTs in parallel. The IPTE ETH is the fastest automatic in-line single test handler with an optimized footprint of only 500 mm. All IPTE’s machines run on the TS1 platform software for smooth operation. IPTE standard machines, as the MFT and ETH, have the smallest footprint in the world, which reduces considerably the floor space. As part of the total solution for IEE the fixtures, the ICT test program, the flashing and functional tests are developed and made by IPTE. The MES interface for upper level communication is written by IPTE as well. IPTE delivered a complete integrated solution.

‘IPTE was very happy to contribute to this challenging project and the cooperation was excellent. The project was delivered within a very short delivery time, as requested by IEE, due to IPTE’s long standing expertise in automation and testing’.

Gunther Boonen, Sales Manager Test IPTE