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Highly flexible manufacturing is not magic:

IPTE's Stand-Alone Process Machine SPM 1000 provides solutions for many automated, precision-controlled and standardized production steps

With its SPM 1000 Stand-Alone Process Machine, IPTE Factory Automation (FA) has introduced a highly flexible production solution in an efficiently operating work cell. The SPM 1000 delivers a large variety of high-quality, precision-controlled manufacturing process steps, with standardized and automated routines that are, of course, fully documented.  

The work cell features a linear axes system (XY) and a spindle axis (Z-movement, height). The work-piece holder is a switch-actuated rotating plate with two basic seatings for the products. Loading, which is carried out manually, is safeguarded by a light grid system. A PC controller is used as the machine control for programming the sequence of operations and their execution.  

The versatile SPM 1000 Stand-Alone Process Machine can be utilized very effectively for the following processes: 1-component dispensing, 2-component dispensing, tightening of screws, placement and mounting of parts, press-fit operations, soldering, brazing, hot caulking, milling and cutting of printed board assemblies, electrical tests (ICT, memory flashing, functional and end-of-line), and laser writing as well. The IPTE FA offers the appropriate application set-up to match customer requirements for every one of these procedures. The dimensions of the work piece can be up to 450 x 380 mm.  

The operator has to manually place the work piece into the machine, and then the process can begin. The switch-operated rotating plate moves into position and the respective manufacturing step is automatically carried out. In the meantime, the operator can load the second work piece into the other seating, or conduct an additional step, such as pre-mounting. The rotating plate moves into the loading/unloading position at the end of the process.  

One particular application has been put successfully into practice: it works with a dispensing unit for one or two-component fluids applied in the form of track, surface area or dots onto the product. The dispensing head uses just one material in order to avoid the contamination of different materials, whereas the liquid supply can be provided by cartridge, hobbock or barrel. Product-specific fixtures ensure the exact centering of the work piece. An optional optical position-correction system can complement the centering of the product in the machine.   As already mentioned, the Stand-Alone Machine can also be used for the tightening of screws by means of an automated screw feeder with a spiral conveyor. An unlimited number of screwing positions can be programmed, and every screwing operation is exactly controlled according to the parameters of torque and force, as well as being documented for traceability purposes.

The SPM 1000 is extremely flexible in this application, too: the appropriate program procedures can be easily entered for different work pieces, allowing for quick reorganization in the case of frequent product changeovers.   In applications where diverse parts - also made from varying materials - have to be brought together by press-fit operations, for example in work pieces, moldings or casings, the press-fit force is tightly monitored and controlled. This relevant parameter is also documented for the traceability function.  

IPTE FA's SPM 1000 Stand-Alone Machine is therefore a universally useable manufacturing cell which can be used for numerous process steps in the production area. IPTE's wealth of experience and expertise, acquired over many years in the engineering and application of factory-automation equipment, means that SPM 1000 customers benefit from standardized procedures of the highest quality. Repeated manufacturing steps can be automated efficiently and without any extraordinary effort, and the necessary traceability of all individual procedures provides for seamless quality assurance - all in a straightforward and cost-efficient way.