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“Future Packaging” at SMTconnect 2019 in Nuremberg: IPTE to participate at the real life production line

IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, again makes sure to complete the “Future Packaging” production line at SMTconnect in Nuremberg (May 7 - 9).
The “Future Packaging” production line is located in hall 5, booth 434B.

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On an area of 1,000 m², a fully operational production line will give visitors at SMTconnect 2019 a first-hand experience on how efficient and robust processes and technologies can be achieved with a maximum of flexibility. The line is setup as a working production line starting from bare boards to a complete working product. Doing so requires the cooperation of many suppliers each for their part of the process. 


IPTE is supplying all the necessary conveying equipment (“EasyLine”) to interconnect the large variety of other suppliers’ process equipment. The integrated IPTE components include bare board loader, conveyors, turn units, buffers, workstations and a multi magazine unloader “MLU 3P”.
In addition, IPTE also shows the integration of a laser marker (“FlexMarker II”) which makes sure that the correct 2D codes, graphics and logos are applied to the product on both sides.
Furthermore, IPTE shows programming and testing of the product using the EasyTest Handler “ETH” and the “MFT 19” Multi-Functional Test Handler. The test handlers are setup as a parallel testers. The new faster spindle driven “ETH” will be on show. The “MFT 19” shows the integration of either ICT equipment as well as the integration of 19 inch rack and stack equipment.
Another part of the common booth is a separate IPTE booth where the latest version of the depaneling system “EasyRouter” will be presented.


IPTE EasyLine

The EasyLine program for board-handling of PCBs or ceramic substrate (Hybrid-) boards can be easily integrated into production lines and production processes. EasyLine modules are available in the transport sizes small (300 mm), medium (500 mm) or large (600 mm).

IPTE FlexMarker II

The FlexMarker II is an even more efficient successor to the much proven laser marking system FlexMarker. A unique feature of this advanced machine is the integrated electrical flip unit with PCB thickness compensation (option) so the work piece can be laser marked on both surfaces. This automated compensation results in an always-in-focus laser beam independent of the PCB thickness. A board warpage correction is being offered as an option as well. Flipping of the PCB is done without prior moving the laser to a secured area, resulting in a handling time less than one second.

IPTE Easy Test Handler ETH

In-Circuit- or functional test as well as programming processes can be inline automated with IPTE’s Easy Test Handler ETH. The ETH is practical for the use with single-circuit boards, multiple boards or corresponding carriers for circuit boards. Both, one- or double-sided fixtures can be realized. The fixtures can be changed quickly and easily. For optional parallel use of more than one test handler, the test handler can be equipped with a bypasssegment. This allows a constant production process, which is not interrupted by the testing process. Moreover, the bypass can be used to optimize the cycle time.

IPTE Multi-Functional Test Handler MFT

The MFT Multi-Functional Test Handler is a 19 inch rack-type handler for performing in-circuit tests and functional tests on PCBs that are routed through the handler on  transport belts. The most important benefit is its concept: The modular design of theMFT-19" offers multi-functional possibilities for test handling.

IPTE multi magazine loader/unloader MLL 3P/MLU 3P

The board handling components MLL 3P and MLU 3P are designed as multi magazine loader/unloader for loading or unloading production lines with processed or partially-processed PCBs. At the end or the start of the production line the PCBs are transferred from or into a rack. The central part of the loader/unloader is a servo driven conveyor shuttle that can pick up or store a PCB from any slot in one of the magazines. Therefor the cycle time and maintenance is dramatically improved by removing movement of the magazines.

IPTE EasyRouter

The IPTE EasyRouter is an effective depaneling system for off line use. The machine is equipped with a productive milling tool featuring a speed of up to 60 mm/s for the fast routing of circuit boards from above. New features for example are increased accuracy, operator indicator lights for assistance in handling, noise level reduction by noise shielding panels and simulation of the tool route.