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Connect with us in Munich!

Connect with us in Munich!

At IPTE's booth Hall A1 - 534 we will have a production line consisting of a dispensing and a milling process, which shows an excerpt of the new standard BAT cell concept, as well as the real implementation of Industry 4.0 within a fully automatic production line.

The IPTE BAT cell represents the basic framework from which standard machines are created by integrating different processes. It is characterized by a new design, improved accessibility and scalability and combines all inline processes of the machine portfolio. In addition to the standards, such as dispensing or milling, additional processes can also be integrated. In the milling cell, for example, an optical on-the-fly control of the cut quality, as well as a packaging of PCBs are incorporated into deep-draw blister to realize a streamlined yet process-comprehensive line concept.

Each of these individual processes generates a package of production data that is queried live and played back via a central interface. In addition to OEE and error statistics, current consumption, process and quality indicators are also visualized via four line dashboards.

A second production line will be shown at the Fraunhofer booth Hall B2 - 480 which includes laser marking (FlexMarker II), test handling (ETH), the new 3 magazine unloader (MLU 3P) and a variety of conveying equipment (EasyLine) to interconnect equipment from other vendors.

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