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20 years of activity and 15 years a production facility

IPTE subsidiary in Portugal to celebrate a double jubilee

IPTE, one of the world’s leading suppliers of automated production equipment for the electronics and mechanics industry, celebrates a double jubilee in Portugal: as part of IPTE Iberia the company has been present with a sales activity in Portugal since 1999. 15 years ago, on July 23rd 2004, the plant in Ovar near Porto also became a production entity. With the opening of this production facility the expansion followed the company’s mission to support the customers worldwide at their locations.

IPTE’s production portfolio in Ovar includes customized machines as well as tailor made solutions for the electronics and mechanics industry. The range includes manual assembly lines, semiautomatic applications up to full automatic assembly lines. The solutions cover the automation of test, dispensing, fitting, screwing and welding processes. In addition interlinked cells for tailor made production lines are part of the engineering activities. Mainly German based automotive companies are benefiting from IPTE’s solutions.

The IPTE subsidiary in Ovar employs 59 people. The production facility lead by Freerk Macor has generated a turnover of 13.5 million Euro in 2018. A first expansion took place in 2014 with a new built hall. A few months ago another expansion followed with the building of an additional production hall. Today the area includes in total 4,500 m² for production and 1,000 m² for offices. These facts show IPTE Portugal deliveries are perceived very successful.

In 2015 the company PMS 724 (Prototypes, Moulds and Services) with mechanical engineering and CNC production also created a production facility at IPTE’s subsidiary in Ovar. PMS 724 supports IPTE with metal and plastic parts. In 2017 and 2018 the expansion of the capacities for PMS 724 has been necessary. PMS 724 employs 33 people.

Hubert Baren, CCO IPTE, comments the successful development of IPTE in Ovar: “Started as a sales activity, IPTE in Ovar turned into an efficient production facility. The success underlines our philosophy to be present at our customer’s locations around the world.”

“The success of our activity in Ovar is based on our competent and motivated employees. The necessity of expansions underlines our strategy, being focused on our customer’s needs“, Freerk Macor, Director IPTE Iberia, concludes.